There is a difference between grief and mourning.  Mourning is outer i.e., what is done publicly in rituals that signify an ending.  Grief is inner; the emotional pains borne as a result of a loss.  While these are different expressions of a loss, sometimes grief can take its toll physically if one experiences lack of sleep, appetite fluctuations, mood swings that bring about angry outbursts or crying spells. Because grief is a volatile experience, one may not know how it will show itself.  Whether grief is visible or worn inside on the heart, Jesus knows every nuance of your personal experience of grief.

Jesus knows everything.  He has complete awareness of what you are feeling as you mire through the grief and its unpredictable emotions.  Yet, He Himself stays the same to create an equlibrium for you that can only be the result of His divine presence.  Whatever you are feeling that is obvious or concealed, Jesus knows all you are feeling.  He will uphold you.  Even if you feel unsteady, His Hand and His strength are sure.  Do rely on Him to carry you through.  He wants to.  He love you so.

Lord Jesus, grief is so deeply painful.  It is a foreign experience if it has never been know yet it is a universal experience.  Jesus, Thank You for being the steady strength and support this reader requires to carry on by the support of Your endless love.  In Thee, Amen.