The wonder of God goes far beyond what blesses us based on our desires.  The wonder of God is that He can bless us in times when life is not at all as we desire.  To continue to follow God’s beloved Son, Jesus, is to develop a trust in the Lord who promised to be with you no matter what you face in life.  When life is good and easy, trusting God is easy.  When life brings challenge, loss, and pain, trust is far harder.  But it is only in times of trial that one can truly know the faithfulness of God’s presence.  Often, it is not until one is well out of a season of trial that the consistency of God’s presence is most clear.

To follow Jesus is not so much rooted in our steps as in His.  To follow Him is to put full confidence in what He said He would do–Be there.  He promises to be with you no matter what life brings and what life does not bring.  To follow the Star that is Christ is to be certain by faith that He is not going to weaken His hold on you, even if you weaken your hold on Him.  He will be there, abiding in His steadfast love for you.  Will you accept that love?  No matter what?  This is what true love is all about.  Believing that One will be there always.  Jesus will.

Lord, You promised.  To be there.  To stay there.  Guide the hearts of those who need to feel the comfort of Your promise.  Soothe those who doubt.  Thank You eternally, Jesus, that You promised.  In Thee, Amen.