The Lord never tires.  The Lord never ever grows weary of loving us.  Is that not a strengthening thought.  There are times in life when we grow weary but His love is steady and strong.  Because it is, we can carry on even when we are weak.

Losses in life can and do weaken us.  They take away energy and focus and seem to leave us empty.  But the Lord’s love fills and replenishes.  Even if it does not feel as though it is carry us, it is.  He promised to be there through all the days of our lives.  Certainly this mean the days of fatigue and sorrow.  Jesus promised.  There is nothing more to be known. 

Lord, Thank You for Your promises in the Bible that give utter confidence of Your love and presence.  This has nothing to do with how we feel but everything to do with what You promised.  Your promises are true and abiding.  Thank You, Lord Jesus, Amen.