Living with Jesus means always making room for all that He wants to do in our lives.  Loving Jesus should mean that He is given vast room to guide us, help us, and teach us in the ways of Himself.  But human ways can be a barrier to the ways of Jesus.  We live in a culture pressing against Christ’s ways.  It takes faith and a deep closeness with Jesus to press on, press into His Word,  and stay away from the pull of the crowd and culture.

When grief enters our lives, it can seem as though we are adrift and, therefore, making few conscious decisions about how to live.  This can be dangerous and spiritually corrosive because it can give Satan a foothold in our lives when we are vulnerable.  When weak times come in our lives, and they will, say Jesus.  Say it aloud in the air and say it as a whisper to yourself.  His Name has power.  It transforms the atmosphere.  Living with Jesus means that He is with us at all times and all places.  Say His Name and be assured of His presence and His steady peace.

Lord Jesus, You promise to be with us at all times and in all places.  Thank You, Lord, for being our steady Friend no matter what life brings.  We open the doors of our hearts, espcially in times of grief, so You can fill us with Your love and care.  In Thy abiding Name, Lord Jesus, Amen.