Do you know that whatever you do on any given day is seen by God.  Even if you take your eyes off of Him, He is still watching over you.  Life’s circumstances, pains, sorrows, memories, decisions, and disappointments, can cause eyes to shift away from God.  Nothing—nothing—takes His gaze away from you.

Where will you look today?  Perhaps the answer is at your pain, the pain of someone else that hurts you, and maybe your focus is on the unknown.  Wherever your gaze rests, a loving and healing God has His eyes fixed on you.  How could it ever be otherwise for Him.  You see, this is where His heart is fixed—on you.

Lord, Your watchfulness is a gift and a balm.  Even when we may not realize how close You are, Your eyes of love remain on us.  Lord, help the person reading this to know that Your eyes shall be on them throughout the course of this day, the course of this week.  Give this person the touch of Your Spirit so that whatever days bring, there is assurance that You are there and that no breath is taken alone.  In Jesus Christ, Amen.