Spiritual blindness can be brought on by grief.  An inability to see God for all He is and life for what it is via God’s plan and by God’s love is a common occurrence in times of despair.  In a human state of grief, it is beyond human ability to see beyond goodbye and see a clearing.  Grief blurs and mars vision to make for a gray and foggy view of life.

Life with Jesus assures that His eyes are wide open and that He leads the way.  Jesus sees.  Jesus leads. Let Him.  Follow Him.  When grief debilitates and actions are seemingly futile, Jesus guides you.  Blurred spiritual vision may come for a season.  Jesus came to accompany people throughout all seasons in life, and to draw others to Himself for the life to come.  Hold on to Jesus.  He is holding on to you.  He has the clear spiritual vision for both of you.  He wants to be your vision.  Let Him.   

Lord Jesus, someone reading this is hurting.  He or she needs a gentle touch from You.  They need to see a clear path to tomorrow.  Give it to them.  You make the path.  You are the path.  Please grant spiritual vision to those who grieve.   Thank You, Lord, Amen.