Tomorrow.  This word can prompt hope.  This word can stir dread.  To live is to know these polar opposites, and the many feelings in between in the spectrum of human emotion.  When a loss occurs in life, tomorrow can be hollow and full of dread.  The absence of someone or something can make for a painful reality.  Tomorrows become just another block of time to manage through.  Jesus knows that. 

Jesus is the One—the only One—who stays through the days and nights of sorrow, and leads the way to a tomorrow of hope.  When you go through another day, you are living in hope.  Even when emotions are challenging, energy is weak, and motivation is limp, Jesus makes possible your passage through that day.  The closeness of Jesus assures that each tomorrow is leading your spirit toward tomorrows that will eventually feel more hopeful.  Truly they will be filled with hope for Jesus will be there—just as He is there right now.  You are not alone.

Jesus, sorrows in life can deplete people of hope and make the future seem fruitless.  Because of Thee, it is not.  Thank You, Lord Jesus, for comforting those who need Your companionship and love.  Thank You, Jesus, for the hope You offer by simply staying near.  In Thee, our Lord, Amen.