There is nothing that the Lord Jesus cannot see you through.  Do you believe that statement?  Do you believe it today?  Did you believe it at another time in your life?  Whatever your answer is right now, Jesus has not left your side.  He is with you.  He wants to see you through these days of challenge.  He has the power to do it.  Do you have the faith to let Him?

In its own way, weak faith is a gift.  It enables God through the Son, Jesus, to uphold us with His strength and allow us to see how much He loves us and how faithful He is.  God’s commitment to you and to me is stalwart.  Nothing and no one can break that bond.  However, painful seasons in life test the bond.  He is holding on to you.  Let Him. 

Lord, You are there.  No matter what.  No matter who.  Your power and Your love abound when life’s storms come, and when they subside.  Jesus, may Your faith encourage this reader today, and for all tomorrows yet to be.  In Thee, Amen.