Fear paralyzes.  It thwarts spiritual growth, stymies one’s relationship with Jesus, and makes a saint encumbered and inactive.  Loss prompts fear.  Even threat of a loss can make one fearful.  Jesus does not want us to be fearful.  He came to vanquish fear—forever.

Losses in life are real.  They hurt.  All of the emotions that attend a loss are valid.  But for the Christian, no loss is experienced alone.  Jesus is there in the steps of loss and pain to carry one through a season that is painful.  Moreover, anything that one is fearful of losing, can be governed by Christ if it is given over to Him.  Give your fear over to Jesus.  Today.  He has the power to set you free from fear.  Let Him.

Jesus, You made a way for us to be free from fear—You are the way.  Thank You for the active way that You take fear away to release believers from its burden and paralysis.  May those who fear come to trust You to be their courage and defense, and to receive comfort from Your strength and presence.  In Thee, Lord Jesus, Amen.