Why?  Why me?  How come?  Such questions arise for each one of us from time to time.  A faith in Jesus Christ does not exempt one from times of difficulty, challenge, and wonder.  But faith in Christ assures us that Jesus will be with us in seasons of trials.  Still there are times when we want answers.  Jesus understands.  Times of loss can be one of those times; questions come but answers may not–yet.
Often the Lord will reveal certain aspects of answers to us over time.  It may be a long time that passes before He allows us to fill in gaps.  He may give details here and there, all of which is to encourage and deepen our faith.  Without the unknown there would be no reliance on God and His perfect plans.  God knows what He is doing in our lives–and why.  Sometimes circumstances reveal less than we would like to know but if we apply our faith to an all-knowing God, He will extend to us revelations that are beneficial, timely, and bring us closer to Him.
Lord God, Thank You for the perfect way that You impart into our knowing the answers to our questions.  Especially when loss occurs and grief makes matters cloudy, Your wise way of giving us information is such that it expresses Your love as You give us what we need to know and when we need to know it.  Thank You, Father, for the dear and steady presence of Jesus with us.  Lord Jesus, You walk through the days of questions with us and remain our answer of love when all else is unclear.  You are ever the certainty on which believers can rest and remember that Your love never fails.  In Christ alone, Amen.