It certainty is a test of faith to walk through seasons of life that involve loss of some kind.  Until one is actually walking through such a season, it can seem as though such things only happen to other people.  When personal loss strikes a heart, loss takes on a new meaning, and a new depth of compassion as well.
Lose, as difficult as it is, serves as a catalyst to allow you and me to plumb deeper depths of Christ’s heart and understand the woes of others because of our pain.  To live through a time of loss is to come into contact with a warm measure of sensitivity that we may not even realized we possessed until someone or something of value was no longer there.  Not only can personal losses stir deeper compassion, they can make us mindful of all that we have with others today–to share, remember and forgive.
Lord Jesus, thank You for Your steady presence that makes a sensitive heart possible at all.  Thank You, Jesus, for staying with each one who grieves to make such seasons meaningful as compassion increases and our relaitonship with You grows deeper and broader.  In Thy Name, Lord Christ, Amen.