When Jesus came into the world, it was for many reasons.  First and foremost was to redeem man’s sins and claim souls for God for Eternity so Satan could not.  This was accomplished by His finished work on Calvary.   In addition, the Lord Jesus came to have vibrant fellowship with us for the course of our lives.  That course includes seasons of goodbye and transition.  Jesus is there.  This is part of why He came.
When we go through times of sadness and grief, Jesus goes through those times, too.  We are never in them alone.  What hurts our heart hurts Jesus’ heart.  This fact gives comfort to know that we are not alone in what we face, and that the Saviour who carries our griefs is with us in love and in constant fellowship.
Lord Jesus, Your heart is vast.  It has room for all that hurts.  Your love covers and contains all.  Today, Lord Jesus, may all who hurt know that You are there, and that You are carrying the lionshare of burden, and that Your love never fails.  In Thee, Amen.