Has anything in your life experience been spellbinding?  Has something happened to you, has someone happened to you, that has made you completely overcome?  Most of us can say yes to this question.  Most of us know the power of certain moments–and years.  And when life changes and such moments have their season, grief can be as powerful as being spellbound for good reasons.  This is where Jesus makes all the difference in maintaining balance.
Jesus is the keeper of our lives, in whatever season we are living.  Do you believe that?  Do you trust that?  It is your ounce of faith that makes this truth active.  Jesus is willing to walk with us through seasons of departure but we must give to Him that seed of faith so He has something to work from.  To be in tandem with Jesus is to give Him our faith, however small, so He can keep it strong through His own massive faith.  Reach for Him today.  This Lord of lords wants to spellbind you with His love–eternally.  Let Him.  When you do, He shall make every other special moment one of value, purpose, and fulfillment–in Him.
Lord Jesus, Thank You for being the power of love.  You alone, Jesus, make love all that it is, and all that it looks like in every relationship, in every experience.  Through the might of Your love, may all who hurt and wonder about their relationships find healing, restoration, and direction in Thy complete and unending love.  In Thee Lord Christ, Amen.