Opening eyes of faith can occur because eyes have cried tears of sorrow.  It is often difficult to see the Hand of God and believe in it when all is well, stable, and seemingly predictable.  It is when circumstances change and faith is weak that God can reveal the might of His faith–in you and in me.
If sorrow has been part of your life, and either it has been or it will meet you in the future, then you have a prime opportunity to grow a deeper faith.  Oh, yes, life’s losses and difficult transitions do hurt.  But nothing–nothing–will keep the Lord from staying near through life’s trials.  His love and faithfulness keeps Him anchored to you, even if you do not feel it.  Faith is not about what we see; it is about what we do not see yet can trust.  May you open your eyes today to see God’s faithfulness to you.
Lord, faith pleases You.  It is everything to you. When trials come and losses are painful, faith is weak.  But Your faith remains strong.  Lord, carry those today who are weak for whatever reason so they develop a deeper and abiding faith through a time of sorrow.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.