The events of 9/11 will be visited in memory and emotion this week as Americans and citizens of the world mark the tenth anniversary of that dark day.  While we consider with others where we were, what we were doing, and how our lives changed that day, we will likely be reminded of other personal losses that have happened in our lives in the past ten years.  There have been deaths, births, residence changes, divorces, graduations, and military deployments.   In these past ten years–through it all–God has been there.
Do you trust the presence of God in Christ, even when you cannot see or trace His presence?  He is there.  When weak times comes, when challenges are faced, His face stays fixed on you.  Jesus stays at your side, devoted and caring to your every need.  Sad events do not move the Lord of all time and place. He stays.  As you remember what happened on 9/11 and recall what happened since then in your life, remember that Jesus has been with you.  Maybe you know that because you have let Him in.  Or, maybe it is time to open the door of your heart to let Him come in. He wants to share life with you.  
Lord Jesus of Love, Your heart stays with people whether or not they invite you to join them in the walk of life.  Lord Christ, as we ponder what happened on 9/11 and what has happened in our lives since then, may each heart open to the presence of You so You may reconcile yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  In Thee, Amen.