Opening up.  Grief is an experience that can force one to open up even if it seems as though one goes into a cocoon.  Grief sensitizes.  It provokes awareness.  What one becomes aware of may or may not want to be known or faced.  Yet, if it is the truth, it has the potential to heal and offer relief.

Jesus is the One who can take the truth and carry it when we cannot.  Jesus holds your heart and holds information and emotions such that He can manage the depth of that reality, and give you peace in the midst of making emotional adjustments to a painful truth.  Whatever loss may have brought you to grief and then to a truth that is hard to face, Jesus will be with you to and carry you by His strength.  Will you let Him?

Lord Jesus, You have the heart that can hold all the truths and pains that each one knows this side of Eternity.  Lord, it is Your desire that no one suffers alone.  By Your touch, may each one who hurts let You carry sorrow.  You remain the reason for hope.  In Thy Name Lord Jesus, Amen.