Effort is victory.  Satan would like nothing more than to defeat the efforts of Christ’s own by sending lies, indifference, and weakness into minds that are transferred to steps.  Grief weakens.  It takes away energy and motivation.  If one is not careful, grief can give Satan a foothold into a life and attempt to destroy witness and hope.
Jesus blesses effort.  The slightest will do.  The faith of a mustard seed is indeed enough.  Calling out the Name of Jesus is to have a mass of strength and power to shield and fortify.  Even if you do not FEEL strong in the battle of life when experiencing grief, the effort of calling His Name summons His power and you are at once empowered to carry on.
Lord of Life, we know that Satan is real and his tactics are many.  Satan will use human weakness and vulnerability to kill, steal, and destroy.  By the might of Thy Name, Lord Jesus, may Your Name fight for those weak due to grief or any other kind of life pain that lessens resolve.  May faith be bold in Thee in times when human strength fails.  How we trust You, Lord Christ, our Warrior, Amen.