Time is a gracious element.  It may seem as though it is not but is the place where healing and answers have an opportunity to surface.  Sometimes loss and the attendant emotions of loss make one want to resist the passage of time or wish it way quickly.  However, humans are on God’s time table.  Therefore, whatever happens in the span of life has meaning and timing according to His wisdom and plan.
If time is challenging you in this particular season of your life, meditate on the Christ who loves you, who is with you, and who is already ahead in the future; a future as close as tomorrow.  Jesus knows the details of your days better than you do.  He has reasons for the unfolding of your hours that you cannot know nor are meant to.  Faith is always about dwelling in the unseen and unknown and cultivating trust.  Grief gives one the opportunity to see the faithfulness of God–at all times and through all seasons.
Lord, You are the Creator.  You are the Giver of all of our days.  Thank You, Lord, for what You have provided and for what You continue to provide.  Whatever this portion of time holds in this season, may deeper faith take hold as You hold those who grieve.  In Jesus’ living Name, Amen.