Ease is less likely to produce faith than trials will.  Trials are attention-getting.  They force a view of self that often requires adjustments.  Grief is a trial.  The kind of adjustments one makes during grief are spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, mental.  Even if changes are not wanted, if they are given to Jesus, He can use them in a meaningful way.
If you are suffering from a loss of some kind, expect life to be filled with unexpected emotional twists.  You are in a trial.  But the God of all comfort wants to accompany you through this time.  Will you let Him?  It takes a tiny bit of faith to say Yes to let Him walk with you.  But if you agree, you can expect the supernatural help of the Holy Spirit to come into your life to help you each day.  The choice is yours each dawn.  May you choose Jesus.  He wants to be with you.
Lord, trials hurt but You heal.  Lord, help those who hurt to open to You so that You can be the comfort needed, and be the reason why trials can have purpose.  Thank You, Lord, for Your steady presence that always want to be near to those who ache.  In Thee, Amen.