It is unusual to consider grief a catalyst for growth.  When grieve comes into a life, it seems as though life stops.  But it does not.  It only gives the appearance of coming to a halt.  In actuality, personal character is further developed when a significant loss occurs.  Letting pain grow us, however, is a choice.  A choice to accept or to resist.
God expects us to grow.  Loss, life’s trials, and the unexpected turns in the road, are experiences that God can and does use to conform us more into Christ’s likeness.  But the choice to accept growth is daily.  When loss and grief enter a life, God knows this is a prime opportunity for faith to build and character to become more like that of Jesus.  Growth is available this week through grief.  Will growth be your choice?
Jesus, we need You.  You are the One, the only One, with the love deep and skillful to guide growth out of endings.  Thank You, Lord, for walking with those who grieve.  In Thee, Lord Jesus, Amen.