Sometimes life brings experiences that we can either run from or grow from.  Grief is one of those experiences that we may want to avoid.  But if wisdom is given proper place, then grief becomes a catalyst for growth.  Losses in life stretch us–emotionally, physically, mentally.  Because of them we are given to see who we might become. That may or may not be a welcome sight—at first.
With Jesus, every loss can be turned into something of benefit for spiritual growth.  But letting Jesus in to be part of that growth process, and trusting Him to redeem loss, is an act of faith.  Grievers often do not think there is much faith to invest but it is not personal faith one offers.  In such times of loss it is Jesus’ faith in you, in me, that matters.  His faith is needed to trust Him with the future; a future as close as the next hour.
Love of Life, You promised that those who will trust You will never walk without you.  Thank you, Lord, for making THE difference in times of loss and transition.  Because of You hope is real and the potential for growth is as close as Your breath.  In Thee, Lord Jesus, Amen.