Openings.  They come in different forms.  When loss enters a life, it may seem as though life has closed rather than opened.  Grief does that.  It limits one’s sense of new possibilities and opportunities–but only for a time.  Grief has a way of sensitizing one to emotions, actions, memories, and choices, that nothing else can.  This sensitivity does allow for new openings.  Experiencing them takes time.
The Lord is the giver of life.  When endings in life come, there is still something new ahead. Grief may blur that truth for a time.  However, the Lord walks with those who grieve, and the Lord’s presence accompanies a griever to new life, new openings.  When one is ready to walk into areas of new hope, Jesus will be there.  Readiness for new openings and beginnings differs but the presence of Jesus remains steady.  He will be there.
Lord Jesus, You want life.  You want continuance.  You understand fully how grief can weigh down a spirit.  Yet, You companion with those who grieve and offer quiet hope for the future.  Thank You, Lord, for Your steady presence.  In Thee, Lord Jesus, Amen.