Blessings are both seen and unseen.  Known and unknown.  Loss takes travelers on a journey through grief that is blessed with certain remembrances clear and others that are blurry at best.  When grief comes into a life, “blessing” takes on a different meaning entirely.  Jesus defines blessings.
If you or someone you know struggles to see the blessings in life due to a significant loss and transition, Jesus is the only One who can make a difference in that struggle and enable one to find meaning in it.  Leaving matters to Jesus is a choice.  He wants to help.  He is the help.  He is the One who brings meaning out of uncertainties and makes gratitude possible–still.
Lord Jesus, because of You even in losses that hurt and dismay, there is still reason to give thanks and to remember.  Help those who griieve to recognize what Your heart already sees.  Thank You, Lord, Jesus, for everything.  Amen.