Expectation is either exhilierating or limiting.  It depends on who is in control–God or us.  The choice is ours.  To expect based on human desire is to limit Diviine hope.  Human expectations tend to be governed by human wishes.  Conversely when one gives expectations over to Divinity to fulfill, the best outcome is sure to result.  Even in times of grief, Divinity is at work seeking to fulfill expectations.

Sorrow can and does get the better of us when loss strikes.  But Jesus came to enter the world and to enter hearts such that all–all–in Him will be infused with a redemptive quality.  Grief can blind that truth.  Feelings can paralyze that truth.  Jesus fulfills that truth.  Even in sorrow, may we possess a grain of faith to let Him.

Lord, expectations placed in You can only result in something purposeful and new.  Help us, Lord, to give to You all of our expectations for the results You pray we receive.  In Thee our Lord and Saviour, Amen.