We form dreams in our heart and give them to Son of God so that by faith we can expect to see them come to be.  The Lord knows our hearts and He knows the hopes that live in us for He Himself is the Maker of hope and Giver of dreams.  But when loss strikes a life, it can seem as though the God of Israel in Whom we have trusted subtracts rather than adds to personal or mutual splendor.  In God’s economy everything is exponential.  Everything has value.  Part of the mystery of God is that those things that strike the heart create a place for Him to fill.

Grief takes but Jesus replenishes.  Sorrows exhausts but Jesus refills.  Going through a time of barren days and blank views does not seem purposeful let alone productive.  With God, somehow it is.  We do not see the meaning in a time of deep sadness due to tradegy, poor choices, and painful consequences.  God does.  He sent Jesus to be proof that in Jesus and because of Him, hope will rise again.  That there is still purpose in the wilderness times of life, and that the shadows of grief eventually give way to a dawn of meaning.  Whatever you are experiencing right now that is painful and seemingly without intent, know that the Lord is with you and He will lead the way to resotration and meaning.  He will lead the way for HE is the way.

Lord Jesus, You abide, in Your presence, in Your Word.  You stay with those who hurt and You still extend hope and meaning even when life hurts and dreams are shattered.  Because You live to comfort and redeem, there is hope for better days and for purpose that only Your living Spirit can provide.  Thank You, Lord, for all You continue to give of Yourself in times of loss.  In Thee, Lord Jesus, Amen.