Small steps. Sometimes this is what constitutes a leap in the realm of grief. The weight of grief can be so dense after a significant loss that to take small steps to accomplilsh routine tasks reflects good strides in healing. Everyone goes through times of grief. Grief weakens. However, Christ Himself strengthens.

Jesus in in those small steps. Jesus makes them possible. When our strength fails, His does not. His strength cannot fail. Trust this. Jesus wants you to rely on Him and His strength to go through life’s challenges. His love is strong. It is His love that will uphold you in the small steps and into the larger ones. Jesus stays. Know that He will support your small steps to live again with hope.

Lord, You know how painful losses are and the weakness they bring. Lord, Thank You for Your steady and strong arm to lean on in life’s sorrows. Thank You, Lord, for being our certainty when life hurts. Oh, how we need Thee, Lord Jesus. Oh, how we love Thee, Amen.