To live a life with Jesus is to be certain that everything you experience, He experiences.  Whatever sorrows and challenges you face, He is there with you.  To know that one is not alone in times of grief and loss is a great comfort.  Jesus is the certain presence when loss strikes, and He is the One who will always stay no matter how life hurts.

Grief is part of this life.  A most difficult and painful part.  Jesus knows that.  To believe in Him is to be assured that He will remain with you in a season of grief.  He will stay with you when He does indeed turn the night of mourning into a morn of joy.  It will come.  Jesus promised.  Trust His reliable and faithful heart.

Lord Jesus, sorrows in life come in ways we cannot predict or avoid and in ways so terribly painful.  Lord, help us to rely on Your ever-present love and strength to see us through seasons of sadness.  You are the God of all time and place and we trust You in all the days of our lives.  In Thee, Lord Jesus, Amen.