A full moon when cloud-covered is a compelling view.  The moonlight that emanates from the moon filters through the clouds, and while the contours of the moon cannot be seen, one is certain of the light behind it.  In much the same way, when grief covers our lives, we can be sure that the light of Christ shines behind our grief.

When grief impacts our lives, a secondary loss of hope can also enter in to cloud possibilities and dim the future.  But Jesus–Jesus Himself–is the hope that stays, the hope that does not disappoint.  When one believes in Jesus as Saviour, a life is infused with the Holy Spirit to uphold a spirit. This does not mean that we will not feel loss and sorrow.  We will.  But what it assures is that Jesus will accompany us when life hurts, and Jesus will carry us through a season of sadness–by His light.  Eventually we shall see the light again with our own eyes because Jesus stays and He guides our way.

Lord Jesus, You see the pains we suffer in this life and You stay through the times of passing clouds and dull light.  You make possible–even in night seasons–that which is purposeful.   By Thy light and vision, we trust You to be with those who grieve.  Lord, the Maker of the moon and the moonlight, help us to keep our eyes on You to bring light and hope to our lives.  In Thee, Lord Jesus, Amen.