Hope is elusive when grief comes. Because hope indicates optimism, when loss enters our lives, it can seem as though there is nothing optimistic about the future. But hope in Jesus makes the difference between hope that is certain and the world’s hope. Jesus does indeed keep fervent and alive His complete hope.

Losses in life come in unexpected ways. However loss meet us, the Christian has the promise of Christ that He will be with us and He will help us navigate through those times in life that are so deeply painful. Jesus will usher us along and guide us by His Word and Spirit to pathways in His grace that we have yet to see but His hope is certain to eventually reveal.

Lord Christ, life hurts at times and losses do break our hearts. But You remain steadfast and strong, mighty to uphold those who grieve with Your love, Your tenderness, and Your perfect hope. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Thy sustaining loving care. In Thee, Lord Christ, Amen.