Gather up the fragments that remain, so that nothing is lost.                                                                                       John 6:12

            Natural or tragic deaths.  Miscarriage.  Divorce and custody concerns.  Wayward sons and daughters.  Addicted sons and daughters.  Empty nest.  Infertility.  Estrangement.  Gang membership.  Incarcerated sons and daughters.  Ill sons and daughters.  These are some reasons, you can name others, that a mother or mother-of-longing experiences.  The losses known to women who face these transitions because of connections to children—physical or emotional connections—are deep and cutting.  Women who bear the strains of love for children or who desire to be a mother to children, are strains Jesus understands fully.  They are reflections of the power of God’s love toward people and the unique endowment of love that God places inside of women. 

            Today’s culture is a cauldron of  temptation.  This is true young people especially but for all who are alive in this era.  Drugs, alcohol, suicide, sex, bullying, cyber sins, and preoccupation with physical appearance are among the distractions in the mainstream.  These entice and threaten those who delve into these areas unadvisedly.  The emotional and physical ramifications of entering into these kinds of actions and lifestyles are great.  Sometimes they end in deep grief.  Many bear the sorrows of choices self-destructive as well as painful for others to bear.

             The Lord’s treasure of love inside of a woman is a treasure that has within it something new to give.  Losses hurt.  Losses require time and attention.  However, in God’s restorative power comes the enablement to love again and again.  In new ways and sometimes with new people.  In the process, He takes the pains of suffering and weaves it into wisdom and strength for new love to rise.  This is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit.  He truly enables women to love again.  He gives to mother’s a depth of love that cannot be denied.  This is evidence of His love that is unending and unfailing.

             Whatever losses you have known as a mother or an onlooker to someone you love who suffers as a result of motherhood or a desire for it, is a loss that can be healed by Jesus the Healer.  Jesus has a way of getting inside of a heart such that fresh hope comes and possibilities present themselves.  This is not immediate for that would not allow for personal growth and deeper faith in Christ.  But over time and over time spent in His Word and in prayer, reason comes and purpose returns.  All He asks is that you give to Him the fragments of your love.  When you do, He in His power and abiding love will see that nothing is lost.  The Redeemer will redeem.  Trust Him. 

             Loving Christ, You know the heart of a woman and the pains suffered due to loving a child and desiring to love a child.  Lord, help those who bear emotional and physical pains as mothers to know that You are with them and with their children.  Lord God of Israel, You create children and bring them forward.  Help those who grieve to know that Your love for those You create is greatest.   All is in Your heart and Your sight.

In Christ Jesus the Redeemer, Amen.