Believing in the future is an act of the will.  Trials come.  Tears come.  Life comes.  We can expect that we will know times of sorrow and pain in this walk of life.  Some of it will be unwanted.  But God will use it all to grow us more into the image of His beloved Son, Jesus.

Jesus is with us in the challenges of life.  Jesus cries with us and rejoices with us when we know times of joy.  But the seasons of sorrow have their purpose, too.  By faith we are let the Spirit of God speak and guide so that all we do in life is a reflection of His loving hand with us, even when life hurts.  The Lord promises to be with us always.  Trust His promise to be personal to you for it is.

Lord, never will you leave us.  Even when life is so very painful and disappointing.  Thank You, Lord, for Thy steady presence at all times and in all places.  You do indeed stick closer than a brother as You dearly promised in Your Word.  In Thee, Lord Jesus, Amen.